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Monitoring execution

safpwr.lis shows the infos appearing on console when the application is executed (command line: safpwr.exe).
These infos can be redirected to a text file safpwr.lis with the DOS line command
safpwr > safpwr.lis
The console messages allow, in the first place, checking if the successive data groups are correctly read and processed.
The message application appears after the sequences group has been correctly read.
A syntax error in the sequences generates an appropriate warning message and the execution halts.

Description of the message lines

At start of reading a group/list of data, the line

is written, followed by a line showing the name of the first character string not recognized in reading the group/list.

If the reading process is correct this exit_string is normally the name of the next group/list found on the input file.
If this is not the case, it means that a syntax error has been made and the exit_string helps locating it on the input file.

For example, if we enter cfrax= instead of cfra= safpwr.lis would end with the lines:
exit:cfrax showing the syntax error, followed by:
bottom missing indicating that the program was unable to read the following group/list.
A similar message is generated if the space is not entered after the = sign ( cfra=.41 instead of cfra= .41)

The input stack is completed by the message exit: xxxx when the end-of-file record is reached.

Follows information's generated by ini, steam_gen_n
Follows a line giving for the steam_gen_n the value of the steam discharge coefficient wzpdn to enter under steam_gen_n/Itp_sec/wypdn in order to reproduce the initial sg power.
Next a set of lines allowing to follow the convergence of the heat-exchange area multiplier zn%xq adjusted to close the system power balance.
The convergence rate is controlled by trial and error adjustment of the input data read/S00gvg/omqgv=.
A large over-relaxation (2.5) is needed here because they are only 2 heat-transfer nodes. It decreases as this number is increased.
The over-relaxation is linked to the fact the heat rate exchange is calculated from the temperature at exit of the primary nodes instead of the log-mean-average of the true temperature distribution in the node.
dxqgv is the difference between successive iterations of zn%xq.
The next line gives the friction coefficient multipliers zn%cfra, znj%cfr adjusted by the program at initialization phase to allow closure of the kinetic momentum balance in the recirculation loop of steam_gen_n and obtain a recirculation flow w2an consistent with the water level zan and the recirculation ratio w2an/wyan imposed at input.
When the application is executed successfully, safpwr.lis file terminates with a line giving the elapsed time sec reached at end of the problem.