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For the moment, the SAFPWR site is posted on the WEB with the main purpose of testing its readability and getting first reactions from the readers.
Comments and questions are welcome and can be addressed to

Time-limited free trial !

Although site consultation is quite satisfactory, the only way for truly evaluating the safpwr program is by just running it.
In order to encourage this, a time-limited free trial is proposed.
In order to simplfy the installation of this free trial version of safpwr.exe, the archive includes in addition the trial copy of the authorization file safpwr.fig so that downloading and unpacking the archive into the safpwr execution directory allows readily running your first test application.

General program license

General license is normally granted for allowing execution on individual computer(s) and with a time limit, but other licensing arrangements are possible. Please contact

In order to receive an authorization file safpwr.fig please follow the following procedure:

Collect the following information's:
-Some identification data (just for my info): your name, organization, profession, country,....
-(compulsory) the email address for sending your configuration file(s)
-(compulsory) for each PC computer on which you plan to run the program, collect its system drive disk Serial Number.
This is obtained by entering the DOS command "DIR" in the dos command line. Generally the System Drive is C:, but if Windows is installed on an other drive, the command would be
The license time period (optional)
-for information: the Operating System.
The program runs on W98 and WXP. I did not try it yet on Vista or Windows7.
-Any other information you would like to appear on the screen and in the safpwr.lis file while you run the program.
Email these data to with message subject " safpwr.cfg"
You will thereafter receive, as an attached piece of a reply to your mail, your personnel version of safpwr.fig for each PC. safpwr.fig is a straight text file
Follow the program installation procedure.

The program will be shipped to the licensee as a compressed archive package attached to a returned mail. The package includes safpwr.exe, a test input.dat file and your personal authorization file safpwr.fig which controls the safpwr.exe execution. All the archive files must be unpacked together into the SAFPWR\ directory you create for running the program.

SAFPWR forum

A forum has been open to encourage rapid and informal exchange of informations amonst safpwr site readers or safpwr program users.
Please post your comments and questions on the site through our forum